So dress AC Schnitzer the new BMW 3 series


So dress AC Schnitzer the new BMW 3 series

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Zo kleedt AC Schnitzer de nieuwe BMW 3 serie aan
BMW pulled the 3 Series recently by the faceliftmolen, where AC Schnitzer as a matter of course have an answer. With the tuning fair in Essen for the door is, of course, this is the right moment to reveal.

No tuner, so often is losgegaan on the 3 Series, AC Schnitzer. Our archive starts now pretty to protrude, but for this neat specimen we have is still space. The Germans were pretty subtle and gave the sedan a new bumperlip, side skirts, trunk and raamspoiler. Optional baked from carbon fiber.

For a better bochtenervaring provides AC Schnitzer adjustable racevering the Bimmer 30 – 40 mm lower. Who is that ridiculous, no circuitambities, or just the oilpan intact want to keep, you can select the sportvering, that the car has a modest 25 – 30 mm lower. In terms of rims they offer the AC1-models in 18, 19 and 20 inch. The Type VIII BiColor rims up to 21-inch.

Motor is going to the tuner from Aachen to time with other chargecooler and new software, allowing the 316d and 335d respectively to 139 and 360 hp to be lifted. For petrol engines run the upgrades apart from the 316i (204 hp), the 335i (360 hp). The 330i and 340i set to come later once more to the turn. With a new set of rear shocks in the flavours ‘Racing Evo’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Sport Black’, they are trying to the coffee grinders of BMW even more enjoyable to sound. For posers, they want only the opzetstukjes mount.

Gallery: BMW 3 Series AC Schnitzer

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