Lotus Indy 500 racer with a jet engine looking for owner


Lotus Indy 500 racer with a jet engine looking for owner

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Lotus 54
The racing has a lot of special kids raised, this Lotus with jet engine and all-wheel drive that certainly includes. In 1968, did Graham Hill there is a throw to take the title at the Indy 500.

In 1967 won the Granatelli Racing team almost with a formulewagen with turbine engine, the legendary Indy 500, a simple lower prevented them from winning. Enough reason to include it in 1968 to try again, even though the rules in the meantime tightened up. So was the permitted maximum vent opening substantially smaller, thereby improving the ability of the turbinewagen could not increase. Now, there was in those days one man who swore in very light sport – and racing cars: Lotus’ own Colin Chapman. It is not very surprising that Lotus was attracted to the car for the race from 1968 to design. Because a turbine engine is much less components and thanks to the massive torque a gearbox is not needed, was the reduction in weight significantly. Not for nothing saw Jaguar a few years back is still salvation in this technique.

Just as in 1967, a Pratt & Whitney jet engine for the propulsion, which was derived from a turboprop-engine. Exact specifications are not known, but the jet engine in the Lotus seems to be good for about 500hp. Not sick for a racing car from 1968, without any spoilers that are laps on a circuit without grindbakken or tyre stacks. 1968 was the year that spoilers in the Formula 1 appeared on the scene, but in Indianapolis, they wanted there, don’t know. Although the Lotus 56 no spoilers, its extreme wedge shape for a lot more downforce than the conventional cars of the competition.

Accident on accident
As so often in revolutionary cars is advanced technology no guarantee for success. Lotus wanted four cars bets, but the talented Jim Clark came a month before the Indy 500 in a tragic accident in Germany. Mike Spence replaces him, but crashes during training three weeks before the big race. He is on the head hit by a broken front wheel and died later that day in hospital of his injuries. The other three cars are on the 30th of may at the start, but not a single Lotus 54 eventually comes to the finish line. The last two cars are at respectively 12 and 9 laps (of 200) before the end with a problem to the fuel pump.

At the Scottsdale auction, organized by Barette-Jacksson, from 10 to 18 January, the special Lotus of Graham Hill under the hammer. About the expected return does the auctioneer no judgment.

Gallery: Lotus 54 Indy 500

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