Harman Individual Sound Zones: potential marriage saver as well


Harman Individual Sound Zones: potential marriage saver as well

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Harman Individual Sound Zones
Because, while your spouse on the road with one or other zeikplaat is going to blèren, you will put Peter Pan Speedrock just a little harder without you in the way or interfere. Problem solved!

Forward, that’s a somewhat bright presentation of this new technique, but Individual Sound Zones is indeed directed to each occupant the sound to amplify or mute. The result is that at the same time, the person in the passenger seat, a call may commit, the driver is afgeblaft accompanied by the lovely female voice of the navigation system and the youngsters sit on the back seat to enjoy the umpteenth pulphitje on the radio. And that all without the occupants suffer from “each other’s sound”.

ISZ creates namely individual zones in the car which ensure that each occupant mainly hear the sound that is important to him/her. Primarily indeed, because it is unfortunately not yet possible to establish the different zones in relation to each other completely free toiletries. That’s a tegenvallertje, but it’s a start!

How does it work?

The system works with small hoofdsteunspeakers, that use of microspeaker technology, and elongated thin speakers in the ceiling of the car. In addition, the system is grafted to crosstalk between different zones as much as possible to minimize. The small speakers work in turn, together with the existing speaker system in the car and then the system can also be in any car with an audio system from Harman via the amplifier to be built, in which the course is adjusted to the inner form available from the cart in question.

All in all a nice step in the right direction, as the drawback, of course, that driving in this way is not really social. To the extent that there even there was, of course, because the time of ‘Who is it?’-reisedities and other antics in the back seat is already a while past.

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