German car manufacturers are flocking refugees schools


German car manufacturers are flocking refugees schools

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Vluchtelingen in de schoolbanken
Wir schaffen das.

Germany – with thanks to the widened arms of Chancellor Merkel – this year is expected to be a million refugees (and “refugees” within its borders. A not insignificant part of this is man, young, and workwilling, and so the smell of the German auto-industry of opportunity. On the one hand to good PR-ornamental (‘look at us ‘ solidarity’) and on the other side to a beautiful army of cheap and motivated workers to bind, with the ever-growing ageing population (and the paired glorious future for some models) that is lurking. Out of 1 million people is, after all, nice cherry picking, which they 2 birds in 1 stone.

Here is, in principle, nothing against that, if you can unite it with the idea that these refugees cannot return to their country of origin, but their future in the west. In addition, I would as an employer ten times rather have a motivated newcomer to my plant process line than a native who has for 10 years on the nipple of the social service lurkt, lethargic until 6 o’clock in the morning on the sofa (the German equivalent of) SBS6 watching and not a lot more than his hand to stop. On the other hand, there are also many unemployed EU citizens (Spaniards, Greeks) who want to get started…

But I drive off. Both Audi, BMW, Mercedes tumbling over each other just to prove that they are the best for the incoming refugees, in cooperation with the local authorities all sorts of programs for training, language lessons, and, eventually, integration on the German labour market. It is only a handful of people, but it is better than nothing.

Audi – which is already 1 million euros in emergency aid donated – goes over a period of 24 weeks, about 20 migrants between 18 and 25 years of intensive schools in the home to Ingolstadt, BMW proudly shows know 500 refugees to ‘support social and professional integration’, and also Daimler (Mercedes) – in addition to an annual donation of 100,000 euros to hometown Stuttgart – 40 refugees `bridge internships. In addition, Volkswagen and Porsche already announced in refugees is an attractive solution for their future staff shortages.

Or, the hope slumbers that they are all as German as Günther we do not know.



And what does the Netherlands? With us fuel supplier OrangeGas the above wristband, that you can buy to refugees to support. Beautiful say. And maybe uncle Wim also place at Nedcar, but we have as yet nothing heard.

Be that as it may: someone who is a morning service should be running in a car factory and you will find, in any case, not while cycling on the highway. We hope at least.

Below is a small selection of the feel good-fotomomentjes. Da’s were much more pleasant to from your comfortable office chair to look for a small rubber boat with 80 droefkijkers, isn’t it?

Gallery: Audi BMW Mercedes heart refugees

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