This McLaren 675LT is MSO’s best ever


This McLaren 675LT is MSO’s best ever

Posted on 01-12-2015 at 15:00 by dizono – 22 Comments”

McLaren 675LT by MSO
McLaren Special Operations (MSO) is your friend if you have a standard McLaren what too common to find. That takes, moreover, are not always very good, sometimes there seems to be nothing changed except the coat colour. These 675LT put that right.

When McLaren, the 675LT officially unveiled, there was to many people still a slight disappointment of the face. LT stands for Long Tail and is a reference to the great McLaren F1 GT(R) Long Tail, with its long rear everyone the snot for the eyes reed. In practice, the 675LT no long butt and are also the family ties with the F1 is not tighter than the regular 650S.

Fortunately, we have MSO. Not that they are the ass of this one any longer, but that roofscoop does a lot of good. No idea if it’s much use, probably not, but the 675LT can very well have. Just like the carbonfibre vents above the front wheel. Useless probably, but delicious. And then that color: Polestar-blue, with a bright orange interior, what a golden combination!

This copy is last week by McLaren San Francisco on a undoubtedly dolblije delivered. I hope there really is going to drive and that the car is not over five years with 1000 km on the clock pops up, for double the original purchase price.

Gallery: McLaren 675LT by MSO

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