Almost watch. Overview fitness tracker Huawei Honor Band



Huawei Honor Band

Withings Activite Pop

Misfit Shine


OLED, multi-touch, 1,06, 128×128 pixels

Analog (arrows)



Bluetooth 4.1

Bluetooth 4.0

Bluetooth 4.0





Protection from moisture and dust

there is, IP68

there, WR50 (pressures up to 5 atmospheres)

there, WR50 (pressures up to 5 atmospheres)

Platform support

Not below Android 4.4, iOS 7

Android, iOS

Android, iOS


70 mAh

replaceable battery CR2025

replaceable CR2032 battery


38x38x9. 5 mm

36,3×36,h mm

27,HH,5×3,3 mm


80 g

37 g

10 g

The price in Russia

4 990 rubles

12 000 rubles

4 490 rubles

Looks like

When you first look at the Huawei Honor Band the impression that it’s another smart watch. In fact, it’s just a fitness tracker at such an unusual design. In principle, the idea is not bad, but it is not new. But similar to the clock gadget on your hand actually looks more organic than just a strip of black or some other plastic. Although the gadget looks all feminine and is a large man’s hand will look tiny and a bit silly.

Фитнес-трекер Huawei Honor Band
Fitness tracker Huawei Honor Band

There are three versions of tracker: with white, or Golden black silicone strap with ribbed embossing, and to replace it will not work, so the first thing you need to decide what color prefer. Variants of the housing of the device less, just Yes: graphite for the black strap and silver to bright bracelets.

Различные версии Huawei Honor Band
Different versions of the Huawei Honor Band

The watch clasp is very simple: ordinary aluminum buckle. The rim of the main unit is made of glossy aluminum, and the back cover is of matte plastic.

Ремешок и застёжка Huawei Honor Band
Strap and clasp the Huawei Honor Band

Дисплей с защитным стеклом

Display with protective glass Задняя часть из матового пластика

Back is made of matte plastic

Finally, on the back is a proprietary connector for charging, and more gadget no more elements. However, in this simple tracker they are not needed, because all control is via the touch screen, which means that the buttons are not useful. In addition, the housing is sealed and protected from dust and moisture standard IP68. Even swim with this watch is not forbidden, but no deeper than one meter. Although to swim with him makes no sense, still active in the water it will not be considered, that it can only special gadgets that are much more expensive.

Пластиковый корпус с алюминиевой рамкой
Plastic case with aluminum frame

Although Honor Band looks more massive than many peers, it is lightweight and compact, the hand can hardly feel it. Unlike other trackers, it comfortable to wear constantly and be removed only when the battery does. Magnetic charging here, so it is enough to put the clock on the stand, to combine the contacts and connect the cable to any USB outlet, whether it is the adapter or the port in the laptop.

Huawei Honor Band и зарядное устройство
Huawei Honor Band and charger

Контактная площадка для зарядки

The pad for charging Huawei Honor Band на зарядке

Huawei Honor Band charging

The gadget display monochrome, diagonal — or rather, a diameter of 1.06 inches, 128×128 pixels, PMOLED, and it is clearly visible pixels in the icons and figures. But we can remember the same old Nike FuelBand: the information was transmitted using multiple series LEDs, and it was clear. Most importantly, the Honor generally is the output data to the screen, and you won’t need to turn on your smartphone to see the number of calories burned or steps. The screen brightness is adjusted automatically, manual setting available, but even in the sun information is read.

What can

Thanks to the motion sensor hours are included, if you just raise your hand, but if this gesture doesn’t work, activate the screen by double tap (fast touch). Here the operating system is proprietary, the development of Huawei. There are a couple of simple dials, information about burned calories, pedometer, and timer. There are also primitive settings: the user is allowed to only change the theme of the dial or reset the gadget to factory settings. Among other things, Honor Band is able to display notifications about incoming calls or SMS, accompanied by vibration, so anything important you don’t miss out. But to reject or accept the call via the bracelet is not possible, only a mute on the phone.

Часы Huawei Honor Band
Watch Huawei Honor Band

Honor Band built on the basis of processor Cortex M4. To work with the smartphone in the gadget there is a Bluetooth module 4.1. Note that with devices that have the Bluetooth module is old (ancient version 4.0), the tracker sync will not work. The bracelet connects to devices on Android or iOS, but it will take a branded app Huawei Wear. Importantly, it is able to give data to program Jawbone UP, MyFitnessPal, and on the iPhone in Apple Health. So that all the information is easy to gather in one place for better analysis.

Настройки Huawei Honor Band

Settings Huawei Honor Band Умный будильник

Smart alarm clock Настройка уведомлений

Configuring notifications

The application provides more detailed statistics than on the screen. Here and details on the steps, and workout history, and a sleep monitor. In General, the standard for any of the tracker set, now it’s all there even in the cheapest bracelet. There are, of course, and the smart alarm which will Wake up a light vibration in the light sleep phase. Also you can set the time of silence, when not to disturb you with notifications.

Сведения о калориях

Information about calories Главный экран приложения

The main application screen Подключённые устройства

Connected device

Like the tracker, the app is pretty primitive, especially when compared with the harvester Jawbone UP or the Sony Lifelog.

Inside Honor Band is a non-removable battery, unlike, for example, from the Misfit Shine, which periodically have to change the batteries. If you constantly use the tracker, it lasts for 3.5 days, but charged it for a couple of hours. The manufacturer claims 14 days standby, but this is only possible if you leave the bracelet home and turn off sync on your phone. Otherwise, even occasional calls, alarm clock and view time gadget drain and squeeze out at least a week of work will turn out hardly.

What are the alternatives

Withings Activite Pop

Withings Activite Pop
Withings Activite Pop

This Junior version of the gadget Swiss brand, which is shaped as Honor Band similar to a watch. To be precise, this is an ordinary analog clock with the functionality of a fitness tracker. To passed away using the optional arrow, and all other information you get from apps on your smartphone. They are, however, a lot, a little more than 12 thousand rubles. But this is only due to the fact that direct deliveries to Russia not. Original price hours tracker — $ 150 (10 thousand rubles).

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Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine
Misfit Shine

Another device similar to a watch bracelet Shine that in Russia at one time I sold the Yota. Perhaps he is also quite lean, but for distance watches and dive with him. The design is more futuristic, although the screen does not, instead only a series of LEDs around the circumference, which show the time or the closeness to the target number of steps. Misfit Shine costs about 5 thousand rubles.

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Huawei talked about the same as Withings: many are needed and watch (as a tool of orientation in time), and the fitness tracker, worn on the hand two accessory seems excessive. Common features are not enough except that the pulse sensor, and all the rest Honor Band knows how to show the time, count steps and calories, to Wake up at the most opportune time and not get in the way. And perhaps this judgement is based on stereotypes, but only because of the design of this gadget is suitable for women and men’s hand will look ridiculous.