A professor from Harvard caught Elon Musk in a space error


But Musk may have made things simpler The other day, Elon Musk tweeted about the Tesla Roadster, which was launched into orbit in 2018. In his message, the entrepreneur, founder of SpaceX, made a mistake. Harvard professor Jonathan McDowell corrected him. Discuss  A Harvard professor caught Elon Musk in a space error

Musk wrote:” My car is now in Mars orbit. ” To this the professor replied: “Well, no. It revolves around the Sun and sometimes orbits Mars. It's not the same. ” McDowell explained that the scientists determined the parameters of the orbit after launch. They still allow you to calculate the location of the Tesla Roadster.

Some Twitter users have expressed concern that a car could crash into Mars or Earth. But scientists have calculated that there is only a 6 percent chance of a car colliding with these planets.

Source: Futurism