The first company from the “Terminators” appeared in Russia


At the Central Military District (CVO), Colonel-General Alexander Lapin said that the first full-time unit equipped with the Terminator tank support combat vehicles (BMPT) has been formed in Russia. Discuss

A regular BMPT company of nine combat vehicles appeared in accordance with the decision of the Minister of Defense and the instructions of the Chief of the General Staff. Already in June 2022, the Terminators will participate in large-scale exercises. They will show the possibilities of using the BMPT battalion.

Lapin believes that the new equipment will successfully perform combat missions in combined arms combat, not only as support for tanks, but also for solving a wide range of tasks in mountains and towns.

The Terminator is a multi-purpose combat tracked fire support vehicle with powerful weapons, modern fire control devices and high maneuverability.

Source: RIA Novosti