What does this stunning Porsche have in common with a Rimac?


For the EV-haters: it is not the engine and battery that this old new Porsche borrows from the electric Rimac.

The phenomenon of 'restomodden' we have known for a while and a lot of classics that have been restomod are reviewed. The concept became widely known when Singer showed their work. They make expensive and extremely fine versions of old Porsche 911s. It also seems as if the Porsche 911 is still the car that people often want to restomod. We already listed them once and since then more names have been added, including Mletzko.

Mletzko Backdate

To start with, it couldn't be simpler at Mletzko: founder Dirk Lührmann saw an old car with new parts on a holiday and thought: that's cool. As a Porsche fanatic, the car to be rebuilt had to be a Porsche for him, more specifically 'of course'. a first generation 911.

The basis used for Mletzko's projects is a Porsche 911 (964), so not an original 911. It actually makes sense, they are quite expensive. Then the 964 becomes a kind of “backdate”. All parts are designed to be the same as the 911 ‘F model’ get off. So the car looks like an original, but you have a slightly more modern base. Including the 3.9 or 4.0 liter flat six, which in the Mletzko 911 still produces a decent 369 hp.


The advantage of doing such a project in the current years is that the Mletzko 911 also benefits from modern parts that were not available in the time of the 964. One of those parts is how we also heard about the Mletzko 911. To get the suspension up to current standards, a coilover set from KW Performance was chosen. These have been specially adapted by KW to fit the Mletzko 911.


In the title, however, we stated that this Porsche has something in common with a Rimac. And no, not that the companies are now financially dependent on each other. We find the touch of Rimac in that KW coilover. These are based on technology that Rimac uses for the Nevera's suspension. Of course there are differences to fit in both cars, but roughly speaking you can say that the Mletzko 911 and the Rimac Nevera are on the same coilover. A nice calling card for Mletzko.

For those who hope that Mletzko will understand that those restomods are so expensive, unfortunately. The Mletzko 911 will also cost a nice fortune with 595,000 euros. Of course Mletzko fulfills all the wishes you have in terms of personalization for that money. They are not the least.