US reorganizes UFO tracking unit


Some of which are behaving inexplicably The Pentagon has reorganized the working group on tracking unidentified flying objects, thus a completely new unit will appear in the structure of the US Department of Defense. Discuss USA will reorganize UFO tracking unit

It will receive the following name: Group to identify and synchronize the approach to aerial objects.

The team will synchronize actions in the Department of Defense and throughout the US government on the detection, identification and attribution of objects of interest in special zones of airspace. It will also assess and mitigate any associated threats to aviation safety and national security

US Department of Defense

Earlier in November, US National Intelligence Director Avril Haynes said that unidentified flying objects had been recorded in the US. According to her, their full-time specialists cannot find a scientific explanation for these phenomena.

Even earlier, US intelligence spoke about unidentified flying objects that threaten the country's security. In the US National Intelligence UFO report, at the request of Congress, some 144 cases of alleged sightings of unidentified objects were mentioned. It is noted that some objects “apparently moved contrary to the known laws of aerodynamics.”

Source: RIA Novosti