This is the Van of the Year 2022

Van of the Year 2022

The Van of the Year 2022 can celebrate a whole year. Fortunately, there is enough space for a few boxes of champagne.

We received a lot of e-mails over the past few weeks. Not so long ago it was announced that the Renault Kangoo (together with the Mercedes-Benz Citan) was chosen as International Van of the Year 2022. Very nice, but according to many a huge 'far-from-us'. bed show’. What is the best company car if you look at it through the eyes of a Dutch jury?

Well, to that very pressing question we have the answer for you. That has become the Toyota ProAce Electric! According to the Automotive Management jury, this is the van that really stands out this year. The ProAce Electric even managed to keep the Mercedes-Benz eVito behind.

Van of the Year 2022

Wouter not in the jury

But on which points does the car score? If you put Wouter in the jury, a car must have a lot of power, be able to drift and be a bit thick. But it is clear that Wouter was not on the jury. The Toyota ProAce won, among other things, thanks to the warranty conditions.

Some parts come with a million-mile warranty. The battery pack of the ProAce Electric comes with a fifteen-year warranty. The extensive configuration options also helped. You can order the car in three lengths, including a 'Crew Cab'. (double cabin).

Van of the Year 2022 thanks to the alers

Now a title like this is very difficult for commercial vehicles. In many cases, the car of brand 1 is exactly the same as that of brand 2. The ProAce Electric is identical to the Opel Vivaro-e, Vauxhall Vivaro-e, Citroën ë-Jumpy, Peugeot e-Expert and the Fiat e-Scudo has already been confirmed. It's really just the badges that are different.

But, unlike the European v elections, the dealer network now also plays a role. According to Toyota, the jury was pleased with the 'professional'. dealer organization that makes a ‘very stable impression’ made. Toyota and their ProAce Electric are doing well anyway. It is the best-selling electric commercial vehicle in the Netherlands. And now also Van of the Year 2022. Congratulations!