NENT Announces Press Conference, 2 Commentators

NENT announces press conference

A lot is going to change for the Dutch Formula 1 viewer. NENT announces a press conference to make things clear.

It is now known that a lot will change in Formula 1 next year. We will have to do without Antonio Giovinazzi, the technical regulations has been completely overhauled and Verstappen has (hopefully) to defend a world title for the first time. Or try to find Hamilton again, that is of course also possible.

But the biggest change for us Dutch will of course be how we will look at F1. Ziggo had the broadcasting rights for a long time. They already had that before Verstappen made his big breakthrough (from 2013). Of course, the success of the Son of Jos has done no harm to Ziggo. But from next year it will be NENT (Nordic Entertainment Group) that will provide the broadcasts.

NENT announces press conference

NENT announces press conference on

Scandinavian broadcasting giant NENT announces a press conference. This will take place on December 8. That reports Formula 1 news site RacingNews356. Then more will be made clear about how we can watch Formula 1 next year (if brackish streams are not an option, of course).


For example, Formula 1 Podcast host of the NOS Amber Brantsen has announced that she will present the programs about F1. It is also known that we will work with not one presenter, but two. So far it has been Olav Mol who has been providing the commentary on his own since 1991 (the Monaco GP). It is truly the familiar (and ever-enthusiastic) voice of Formula 1.

2 Commentators

In addition to two commentators, a pit reporter will also be on site. With that, NENT seems to be going a bit more in the direction of Sky. That in itself is not wrong. The programs on Ziggo in particular feature special guests. But hey, if you want to know what Mattie, Chabot, Balkenende or Roland Meulenbroek thought: Ziggo could provide you with that.

NENT announces press conference

Robert Doornbos has reportedly already offered his services to NENT . Plooij and Mol have not yet indicated that they have received a call. We expect that December 8 will become more clear about how we can watch F1 in the Netherlands. Then we will also know whether the petition from Radio 538 was useful.

Olav Mol has already indicated that he will provide comments to Grand Prix radio in any case. So if you don't like the new batch, you can turn them off and turn on the radio.