Mercedes EQB is as expensive as Tesla Model Y

Mercedes EQB price

Mercedes announces the price of the EQB.

There is an easy way to build an EV and a hard way. The easy way is to electrify an existing model. This may not produce the very best EVs, but Mercedes wants to put down the widest possible range of EVs as soon as possible. An additional advantage is that EVs based on a regular model have a familiar design.

Based on the GLA there was already the EQA and based on the GLB there is now the EQB. We were presented with this model two months ago. In appearance it is just a GLB, but with the closed grille, continuous LED strip at the back and 80-spoke wheels.

There are two variants of the EQB: the EQB 300 and the EQB 350. The first has 228 hp and 390 Nm of torque, while the second takes it up a notch with 292 hp and 520 Nm of torque. The range does not have to play a role in the choice between these two variants, because in both cases it is 419 km according to the WLTP.

Which is of course an important factor: the price. Mercedes has just announced that. The EQB 300 is available from €64,031. From €66,935 you have the EQB 350.

Interestingly enough, the EQB 300 is almost exactly as expensive as the Tesla Model Y Long Range, which costs €64,000. It is only a lot faster and also has a range that is much larger (507 km). But then again it is not a Mercedes.