It's not about saving: why Russia has not removed from service the outdated T-80 tank


OSignificant advantages of this model were told by the author of The National Interest. The Russian side continues to improve the T-80, despite the appearance of the T-14 “Armata” model. And that makes sense. How the T-80 differs from more modern counterparts, explains the expert of The National Interest. Discuss  It’s not about saving: why Russia didn’t remove the outdated T-80 tank

Although the T-80 model performed poorly in Chechnya, this tank is still undergoing modernization. According to the author, the main reason for this is the geographical position of Russia. If the T-72 and T-90 show excellent results in relatively warm weather, then at low temperatures it is precisely the T-80 that surpasses them due to the rapid warming up of the engine. In addition, in northern conditions it is most convenient for the military to move around on this tank.

It's not in economy: why Russia did not withdraw from service the outdated T-80 tank In 2015, only the T-72 and T-90 will be in service. However, in 2017, the T-80BVM was introduced - an improved version of the T-80BV. He got the Sosna-U thermal imaging sight of the gunner, a completely new chassis, and the Relikt dynamic protection system. At the same time, this model surpasses the T-72B3 in some characteristics: this concerns the ergonomics of the gunner's place, the location of the Sosna-U sight. Thanks to this, the tank entered service instead of the T-72 and T-90. </p>

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In addition, the T-80UE1 will undergo modernization. In it, as in the T-80U and T-80UA, they can replace the sight with the Sosna-U thermal imager.

Source: InoSMI