How to eat almonds correctly so as not to harm your health


This nut needs to be thermally processed.Dietitian Svetlana Fus named the way to use almonds correctly. According to her, this nut must be heat treated. “alt =” How to eat almonds correctly, so as not to harm your health “How to eat almonds correctly, so as not to harm your health />

As the expert noted, almonds should be processed at a temperature of 180 degrees for 10 minutes. Otherwise, hydrocyanic acid is produced – one of the most dangerous poisons. Also in almonds contains the cyanoglycoside amygdalin, the decomposition products of which are neutralized using high temperature. Due to the presence of this substance, almonds give off their famous smell and have a specific bitter taste.

At the same time Foos noticed that the correct use of almonds is good for the brain and cardiovascular system.

“The advantage of nuts is that they can be stored for a long time without losing their useful properties and taste. This product can be taken with you on a long trip and used in situations where there is no opportunity and time for a full meal, ”the specialist noted.

Source: RIA Novosti