Expert: “If NATO does not accept Georgia in the near future, it will become a military ally of Russia”


ORussia can take advantage of the failure of the United States in Afghanistan and make Georgia its ally, according to The National Interest. Therefore, America must prevent this from happening. Read more in the article The National Interest. Discuss Expert:

According to the foreign expert, Russia's goal at the moment is to acquire allies in the near abroad, in particular in the Black Sea region. Such a policy may be connected with the recent failures of the American army in Afghanistan.

On November 2, it became known that exercises were held in the Crimea to destroy the equipment of a simulated enemy in the Black Sea. They were attended by the coastal supersonic anti-ship anti-ship systems “Ball” and “Bastion”.


At the same time, according to the expert, Russia will seek to prove to neighboring countries that the United States is not capable of protecting them. At the same time, the country will start from those areas where the States have already begun to lose influence. The next target of the Russian Federation may become Georgia, which is highly influenced by the Russian authorities.

For this reason, the author of the article suggests that the US focus on Georgia. It is necessary to strengthen cooperation with this country and consider the likelihood of its joining NATO.

Source: PolitRussia