How to adapt to the cold


It's all about gradual hardening Tatyana Romanenko, therapist and family doctor told the Russians how to help the body adapt faster to low temperatures outside the window. Discuss  How to adapt to the cold

The specialist explained that in cold weather, heat is distributed differently in the human body. It remains in the vital organs, while the legs, hands and nose receive less of it. In order for the body to get used to low temperatures, it is necessary to reduce the temperature in the room.

It is optimal to sleep at a temperature of 18 to 22 degrees, slowly leave the comfort zone. If the room temperature is 30 degrees, then even at 10 degrees outside we will feel frozen, and the risk of hypothermia will increase

Tatiana Romanenko, Therapist

The therapist also advised to take water treatments with cool water. Walking in the fresh air in moderately warm clothes will also be helpful.

The right clothes are the ones that are comfortable when we are not cold outside, but can be physically active. If you are not dressed for the weather, you will never get used to the cold. If it gets hot, the risk of hypothermia increases significantly

Tatyana RomanenkoDoctor -therapist Source: Radio “Sputnik”