Moscow will begin to control the wearing of masks using cameras


First of all, this concerns shopping centers. The Moscow Mayor's Office plans to monitor observance of the mask regime in supermarkets using CCTV cameras. Trade organizations were supposed to prepare the necessary infrastructure by October 20. alt = “Moscow will start monitoring the wearing of masks using cameras” In Moscow, they will start monitoring the wearing of masks using cameras />

This was reported by Kommersant, citing a source in the Moscow Department of Trade and Services … For successful control, all shopping centers in Moscow had to integrate their video cameras from the points of entry into the premises with a single data storage center for the city's video surveillance system by October 20.

Specification defined: camera resolution must be at least 720p, frequency – 15-25 frames per second. Also, each trade organization must appoint a responsible person who will interact with the Moscow Department of Information Technologies on all issues.

All these measures are necessary to quickly control the wearing of masks in the stores. If it is found that any trade organization does not comply with the requirements for mask mode, which the cameras will control, its activities can be stopped.

As the President of the Union shopping centers “Bulat Shakirov, as standard in one shopping center – 5-6 video cameras. If 300 Moscow shopping centers are connected to the city video surveillance system, 1500-1800 cameras will need to be connected. All this, according to the expert, had to be prepared in a week and integrated cameras from each shopping center into a single city video surveillance system.