Long-awaited iPhone 13 feature turned out to be broken at launch


120Hz does not work in third-party applicationsOne of the key features of the recently released 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are their ProMotion displays with variable refresh rates that can go up to 120Hz. However, early adopters noticed that some animations in third-party apps only run at 60Hz. Apple has already acknowledged the problem. Discuss Long-awaited iPhone feature 13 was broken at launch

The first reason is that developers need to update their applications so they can use a higher refresh rate. The problem, however, is that Apple has yet to share documentation with them on how to do this. The second reason is that the animation is just broken. This will be fixed in the next Apple patch.

It is worth noting that users have been waiting for 120 Hz in iPhones for a long time. Many Android flagships and cheaper phones have had this option for a relatively long time.