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Premium mileage eater Premium mileage

If it can't be too old and worn out, what are the best options for a premium mileage if you have 20,000 spend? Team Autoblog will figure it out for you!

There is a big difference between specifications from the factory and those on 'the asphalt'. Autoblog reader Thomas found that out. He is looking for a new car. Nowadays electric, plug-in hybrid or hybrid is very popular. And if that really isn't possible, then gasoline. That's how cars are bought now. Diesel and LPG are in a huge corner.

Depending on the kilometers you make, there is always a best solution. But not quite for Thomas. It easily drives 50,000 km per year. These are, of course, mainly highway kilometers. His current car is a Mercedes C-Class from 2013. Still young enough to drive on, but Thomas is doing so many miles that he now has to look at something else.


Thomas is open to other powertrains, but knows not which one suits him best. On paper, a plug-in hybrid is ideal with 1 in 50 in terms of consumption. But yes, then the battery is empty after 20 km and Thomas was able to run the petrol engine extra hard to carry the batteries and electric motor. Or is that not too bad?

Premium mileage eater Premium mileage eater

The wishes and requirements for Thomas as a premium mile-eater can be seen in the table below:

Current/previous cars:Mercedes C-Class 180CDI S204 2013Buy/lease:BuyBudget:€20,000Year mileage:Over 50,000Fuel preference:DieselReason to buy another car:Younger car + lower mileageFamily composition:Woman + child (1 yr) and growingPreferred brands/models:Mercedes, BMW , AudiNo-go brands/models:French cars and some Asian models

First of all, go for diesel. Especially if you know that you will be driving it a lot for another three or four years. A plug-in hybrid is, as you yourself indicate, disastrous at higher speeds for long distances. With an electric car you will also have to constantly wait at the charging station. Those two forms of drive can be a good solution for many people, but not if you constantly drive above 100 km/h for a long time.

Audi A5 Sportback 2.0 TDI (B8/8T)

40,000 km


Unfortunately, the new model A5 is just outside the budget. Well, unfortunately. In terms of styling, the old one is perhaps more beautiful than the new. The Walter da Silva lines are still unrivaled. Usually the translation to a liftback is not insanely successful, but in this case the Sportback is almost as beautiful as the Coupé. The 2.0 TDI with 177 hp is not extremely special, but the block is quite strong and very economical.

Premium mileage eater Premium mileage eater

If you're happy with more miles and an older car, you can also opt for a 3.0 TDI quattro, but the costs for insurance, MRB and fuel will go up. You really have to pay attention to the equipment. Import A5s in particular can be very bare. Or very luxurious. The Audi A5 is such a car that the journalists are not always enthusiastic about, but the owners are. These are great long-haul cars. It is not a playful driver's car, but a rock-solid premium mileage eater. Exactly what you were looking for, right?

Volvo S60 D3 R-Design

55,000 km


We have to name the Volvo, simply because these are excellent to find. Especially if you include the V60. At the very least, go for the D3, the D2 is under-powered. An R-Design sounds very sporty, but the S60 is absolutely not. Everything is quite distant. Nowhere are you involved in driving. That could be a big plus for if you drive more than 50,000 miles a year, right? A perfect recipe for a premium mileage eater. The seats in such an R-Design are very pleasant. The only downside is that the S60 feels like the same generation as your C-Class.

Premium mileage eater Premium mileage eater

So it's more of a step sideways rather than forward. The new model is even cooler, but as a V60 it is too expensive (there has never been a third generation S60 diesel). Strangely enough, we hear a lot of cases of rust in this generation, sometimes even at a quite advanced stage. That is seriously something to watch out for. The D3 engine is nothing special, a D4 is just a bit nicer, but harder to find in the budget.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Auto. Business Super (952)

75,000 km

Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo

Yes Yes Yes! Finally an application where we can recommend an Alfa Romeo Giulia! And not without reason this time! The Giulia has a few important advantages. The engine is extremely reliable and the automatic transmission is top notch (skip the manual gearbox!). The great thing is, it doesn't matter which power version you have, they all go to 240 hp after a little chip cure. Also the version with 136 hp! All blocks have a lot of spare.

Premium mileage eater Premium speedometer

But the highlight is the driving characteristics themselves. The road holding is very pleasant: very stable and quiet, quite comfortable and nice and tight with a fine, precise steering. Most Giulia's we encountered are reasonably well equipped. Things like nice wheels and leather make the car. It is not the most practical car in terms of getting in and out and space, but more than sufficient for two people and two small children. Our Alfa Giulia endurance tester did a great job.

Jaguar XE 20d Prestige Premium Business (X760)

55,000 km


This is actually quite a neglected when it comes to a premium mileage eater, to be honest. The Jaguar XE is a car that has been developed to compete directly with the BMW 3 Series. When it comes to handling, the XE is secretly slightly better. The overall picture of the BMW is slightly better, so many people opt for the BMW. But that's a shame, because such a Jaaaag is great fun. Check out the Jaguar XE driving test.

Premium mileage eater Premium speedometer

The dashboard is not very impressive, but certainly not wrong. The engines are fine in themselves, but you would expect a little more punch from a Jaguar. It is an above average beautiful car with a largely neutral appearance. It is a very cool car, especially in a special hallmark with special leather, but yes: find them.

Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI (W205)

70,000 km


If you drive a Mercedes, why not do it again? The step from W204 to W205 is quite a big one. In terms of design, Mercedes made huge leaps. Now the question is whether you like the round and baroque design better than the sleeker but older design. In the interior you can also see that very big leaps forward have been made, especially in terms of infotainment.

Premium mileage eater Premium mileage eater

This was one of the first 'new style' Mercedes. The 220 CDI is a top engine: a lot of power, a lot of torque and with the automatic transmission a top combination. In addition, this combination is still very economical. In short, ingredients for a premium mileage eater are plentiful. You have to be careful when it comes to equipment. You could get the C-Class as bare as a taxi or as complete as an S500. So make sure you have everything you need.

Infiniti Q50 2.2d Sport

€21,450< br>2017
85,000 km


Not all Asians were welcome at our Autoblog advice applicant. But what about this Infiniti? It is basically the luxury version of the Japanese Nissan Skyline. How cool is that? The Q50 sports sedan has also been delivered in the Netherlands. Especially with the diesel engine, the car was interesting for maybe 10 people. There were two for sale for very good prices. Now it is lame to offer half, but paying more than 20 grand for an obsolete Japanese with diesel is actually madness.

Premium mileage eater Premium mileage eater

But for around 18-19 (a more realistic price, below that of the competitors) you have a very good premium mileage eater. Firstly, the Q70 is very exclusive. It is also certainly an original appearance. The four-cylinder Mercedes engine is also nice, which is nicer than a hand-built Italian V8, isn't it? The cars are quite reliable and often very well equipped. In short, definitely worth a test drive. Good alternative: the Mazda 6. It looks very similar, but has front-wheel drive.

YOLO: BMW 335d xDrive (F30)

€18,950 (Ger.)
150,000 km

BMW 335BMW 335

Of course we also looked at a premium mileage solution with six cylinders. If you don't want an old car with not too many miles, that's very difficult. About the thickest you can buy is the BMW 335d. Then you have everything: a thick scarf under the hood with two turbos, three liters, six cylinders and four-wheel drive. That doesn't make it very economical. But in terms of performance, you won't be short of anything. A better option is perhaps the 330d, also a six-cylinder but possibly with only rear-wheel drive.

Premium mileage eater Premium mileage eater

You will have to import them from Germany, because it cannot be found in the Netherlands. Do not accidentally go for an E90 335d, because they are almost always Euro4 and will soon be difficult to drive into Antwerp. Furthermore, they are top cars. The automatic transmission is top notch and the engine runs silky smooth. Much more comfortable than you'd expect from a Dreier. But, if you want six cylinders, it costs a lot. Check here the BMW 3 Series (F30) purchase advice to see what you should pay attention to.

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