In California found a new species trichology worms


As many of you know, in nature there are 2 main floor, which are distinguished by primary sex characteristics. In addition to these, in nature are often hermaphrodites, combining in your body the signs of both sexes. So, the researchers from California were able to detect eight new species of unusual worms, which have three different floor and is able to live in places with extremely high concentrations of arsenic.

Some nematode species are able to produce 3 different genders — males, females and hermaphrodites

Does the nature of the third gender?

Studying Mono lake, located in California, researchers have discovered an unusual worms, able to live in hostile chemical environment. California lake, which became the subject of study is extremely unusual composition of its water is saturated with salts, alkalis and toxic compounds of arsenic. Such a structure makes Mono lake is almost uninhabited, as such a toxic environment can inhabit only some algae and some extremophilic bacteria.

In order to better understand the hypothetical process possible formation of life on Mars, the biologists conducted a series of experiments that allowed them to find a strange nematodes bearing the signs of the presence of three genders. So, in addition to the “standard” of males and females, among the worms found and hermaphrodites, which can not only to continue their own kind without the participation of the partner and to leave offspring by pairing with the representative of any gender.

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Despite the fact that hermaphrodites have the unique ability to leave offspring in any real-life scenarios hermaphroditism has a number of drawbacks. So, self-fertilizing hermaphrodites do not transmit genetic diversity observed in pairs, created by crossing with representatives of the other sex. For worms this often leads to delays in the larval stage, which adds a day to the onset of puberty. Given the short life cycle of nematodes, delayed development of larvae can lead to negative consequences in the creation of offspring for the second generation.

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Nematodes from Mono lake can be considered truly unique in a number of distinctive features. Know that found being largely different from the rest of the inhabitants of the “arsenic” of the lake. On the one hand, nematodes can live in very extreme environment exceeding the standards for levels of arsenic in several thousand times; on the other hand, discovered the species, a nematode may easily adapt to living in a normal environment. Such an incredible ability to adapt suggests that nematodes from Mono lake were able to acquire a special resistance to a large number of stimuli.

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Experts believe that the study of DNA found in the lake creatures can be of practical use to humans. So, thanks to the deciphering of mechanisms of resistance of nematodes, a person would be able to create a unique product, able to quickly purify drinking water from arsenic or increase the effects of drugs, aimed at cleansing the body from toxic substances.