What metal is more of everything in the Universe


The most common chemical element on our planet is carbon. But the scale of the Universe the Earth is but a grain of sand among the vast sea of stars and galaxies. In this regard, it is interesting, and what’s in our universe? What is the basis of distant planets and asteroids? What element on the periodic table the most important?

The most common chemical element in the Universe

If we talk about what the most common element in the Universe, then everything will be very simple. In the first place is hydrogen, then helium, oxygen, neon, and the top five leaders of the iron. Now let’s think, what elements are distracting from the overall picture.

Right! Iron! Why? Yes, because all the other members of the periodic table, except iron, are gases. And iron is a metal. Thus iron is the most abundant metal in the Universe. However, he and one of the most important, because if the gases are mainly formed by atmosphere of celestial bodies, the iron is the Foundation of the planets. So we can say that if it were not of iron, then there would be the majority of the objects in the Universe.

As scientists have determined that iron is the most abundant metal in the Universe

According to the journal The Astrophysical journal, a group of astrochemical from the United States came to this conclusion by calculating the absorption spectrum of clusters of iron. That is, the researchers conducted a spectral analysis of distant objects. If you do not go into the details, then this can be explained as follows.

When we see this means that the object reflects the light and we perceive these light waves. Light is a mixture of electromagnetic waves and each has its oscillation wavelength, and, accordingly, its color. There are 7 basic colors and shades and transitions between them. When is spectral analysis, is studied exactly how the chemical elements absorb or reflect light. The result is a spectrogram. On the basis of the resulting paintings can be concluded about the characteristics opustevshem light object. A simple example is the rainbow after the rain. The raindrops split the light coming from the Sun.

Spectrogram. 1,4 — spectra of sodium 2,5 — spectra of hydrogen, the 3.6 — spectra of helium

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Where is the “space hardware”

A large part of the iron is concentrated within the Universe of planets and in interstellar gas. In addition, as a new study shows that not enough iron is in contact with the carbon, forming a special molecule called polynomi. While previously it was assumed that these same polyine is carbon compounds with no impurities of iron.

“The iron atoms together in special compounds with carbon and the main problem is that these compounds have almost the same spectrum as pure hydrocarbons. So the earlier we can overlook,” says the study’s lead author Frank Timmes

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