Enhanced immunity can ruin your teeth


A long and healthy life we owe to the immune system — if it was not, even a common cold would be for a human to be fatal. However, even she sometimes makes mistakes, and his heavy work can cause allergies or even multiple sclerosis. Researchers from the University of Toronto found that during the struggle of the immune system with bacteria in the oral cavity may experience tooth decay and damage to dental fillings.

Здоровые зубы

It is known that tooth decay occurs because of bacteria that stick to teeth in the plaque and produce acid that destroys the enamel, dentin, and even dental fillings. To fight them in the mouth there are immune cells called neutrophils, and their interaction with microbes can occur the opposite, devastating effect.

The struggle of neutrophils with bacteria can be compared to killing flies on the wall with sledgehammers.

Yoav Finer, lead author of the study

By themselves, the neutrophils were unable to damage the teeth — problems arise when bacteria start to reduce the number of minerals. After the weakening of the enzymes secreted by neutrophils, are beginning to cause the teeth harm. Enamel, dentin, and even the seals start to deteriorate quickly — this can explain a short-lived service life of sealed teeth with a duration of about seven years.

Образование кариеса

The news may seem alarming, but all have their pluses — and now scientists know about the negative impact of enhanced immune function, and can create methods of protection. It is possible that in the future the service life of sealed teeth will be much longer.

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