Bose released a new version of its technologically advanced headphones


The company Bose for many needs no introduction — it has become a recognized leader in the field of audio devices, which is characterized in that one of the first and introduces advanced technologies. Bose made a huge contribution in the segment of devices with active noise cancelling, but decided not to stay and over the past year alone has produced several top-end headphones. What the company excels in the technological sphere?

The first headphones for sleep

SleepBuds Bose headphones with white noise specially designed for sleep. Silicone earbuds block ambient noise. Active noise cancelling, but there are built-in patterns sound like the noise of the waterfall and the rustling of leaves that choke the rest. There are ten preset sounds with the ability to add new ones. The battery lasts about 16 hours active and 16 hours can be added, munitions of the box.

Soundproofing in cars

At CES 2019 Bose showed the Road system QuietComfort Noise Control, which can be installed in cars. It consists of microphones which pick up sound waves from the outside, as well as a set of accelerometers for detecting vibrations, e.g. when passing a rough road. In fact in the car very soon there was a full active noise reduction.

Headphones without wires. Quite

Also last year, debuted wireless headphones Bose SoundSport Free, which can be attributed to the type of the “true wireless” — that is, they are not connected by wires. This is the first attempt to Express themselves in a whole new direction, and it succeeded (enough to read this review): headphones give a sound of very high quality (especially for this type of devices), leaving behind all rivals, including Apple with its AirPods. On the left earpiece is placed only one button — it is responsible for switching between multiple sources of memory. The headphones can remember up to 7 different devices. But the main thing — SoundSport Free have protection against moisture IPX4 Protocol, so make the best of them on the treadmill without problems — the special coating protects the earphones from sweat.

However, the headphones look very cool, especially the new “Ultraviolet”. This model was released in limited quantities and began to be sold in Russia 8 Feb. Plastic case with a nice cover and unusual patterned panels, on top of which is placed the manufacturer’s logo, looks very cool. If you want to grab a limited edition version of these headphones, should hurry, as they are only a month and a half.

Obviously, Bose remains one of the pioneers of the entire industry over the past few years, Bluetooth headphones have made a serious leap forward, and something tells us that this is not the limit.