Disclosed features foldable Samsung smartphone with a flexible display


As we have already mentioned, the conference for developers SDC 2018 Samsung Electronics was first shown folding smartphone with a flexible display. First, the company did not disclose the specifications of the device, but journalists at the conference were able to find out details.

According to the representative of Samsung, the smartphone will be released “when we are ready, maybe next year.” He also noted that the price has not been determined, but the company will try to meet your “match”. Earlier rumors said about the price from half to two thousand dollars. Regarding battery life, the representative said that the developers strive to reach the level of modern smartphones.

The smartphone has a dual display — flexible OLED-display Infinity Flex and the secondary screen on the outside which is available for use when folded smartphone.

External display — 4,58-inch with an aspect ratio of 21:9, HD+ (840 x 1960 pixels) and the image density of 420 dpi. The main display has a diagonal of 7.3 inches, the aspect ratio is 4.2:3, QXGA+(1536 x 2152 pixels) and a density of 420 dpi.