Yandex has launched a service unmanned taxi


The company Yandex has announced the launch of a new test area for its unmanned taxi on the campus. Residents of the innovation will be able to cause the drone to the daily commute to the track.Taxi.

Scientific-technical complex of SKOLKOVO located in the New Moscow, five kilometers from Moscow. Unmanned vehicle Yandex will be free to travel around the campus. To invoke it, you need to open the application Yandex.Taxi service will determine the location of the user and if he is in the territory of the science town, offer trips on the drone on par with the usual rates.

Now call a drone available to SKOLKOVO residents. To use it, you need to accept an online agreement to participate in the testing of unmanned vehicles. Still need to be over 18 years old. The waiting time will depend on demand.

The first test area for unmanned taxi earned in August in Kazan Innopolis. We will remind, in the spring of 2017 Yandex for the first time showed its own self-driving taxi and told the details about the project. The first tests were conducted in a closed area of Moscow, near the main office of Yandex. They showed that the prototypes successfully cope with the task. These prototypes are created on the basis of the Toyota Prius in collaboration with the Institute US. In February 2018 were shown a prototype of an unmanned vehicle, which travelled to Moscow in winter conditions. In June a drone Yandex.Taxi independently drove from Moscow to Kazan.