Refrigerators Hisense appeared in Russia


Chinese company Hisense has announced the beginning of sales on the Russian market their refrigerators. Previously, Hisense brought to Russia TVs and HVAC equipment.

The first sign was a series Hisense RQ56WL Total No Frost. It offers three options of coverage, with protection against spots and finger prints: black and white glass and beige glossy. To control the touch LED display on the door.

The dimensions of the models are 794 x 700 x 1810 mm. For four-door fridges they have a record small width 11 cm shorter than standard. Price be about 85,000 rubles.

Dual cooling system Twin Cooling System includes two evaporators for refrigerator and freezer, helping to save electricity, just to maintain your selected temperature and humidity levels.

In the fridge there are 3 areas with different temperature regimes. In the refrigerating chamber is set in the range of 2 to 8 degrees in the freezer from -5 to – 18 and -15 to -25. In the freezer compartment, consisting of three boxes, an optional icemaker. It can be removed, freeing up space for the products.