The day when a computer game killed a man


10 Aug 2005 a computer game for the first time killed a man. South Korean boiler repairman named Sysop Lee (Seungseob Lee) died after spent in an Internet cafe 49 hours playing StarCraft is extremely popular in the country. Cause of death was dehydration — it caused a cardiac arrest and doctors at the local hospital were unable to save the gamer.

How to treat gaming addiction

Whether had been an avid player, but a few weeks before the incident, his girlfriend left him (also, incidentally, had an unhealthy attachment to video games), and before it fired. Consolation Syncop tried to find in StarCraft, but too carried away.

South Korea more than other countries suffering from addiction of young people from computer games. One-third of the total population registered in online games, and more than two percent of people experience unhealthy relationship.

Геймер на чемпионате
Gamer championship

In 2001 the mother of the child of the USA accused Nintendo for the death of his son, who died after hours of gaming in the Nintendo 64 six days a week. The company, however, has rejected the charges.

However, the game can kill another. Fragile psyche of the young and not so gamers makes them too close to make a game of failure. Sometimes the owners of the slaughtered characters find the offenders in the real world and take revenge with his fists. It is known and several cases of suicide due to failures in the virtual world. In several countries, e.g. South Korea, China, USA, Canada, the Netherlands have already opened centres for people with a gambling addiction. Perhaps the danger games too exaggerated in the Wake of the hysteria over the shocking deaths, but, devoting the evening of the shooting virtual tanks, remember that this is just a game and behind that door is the real world.

10 August 2004 range of online music store iTunes has reached 1 000 000 songs — after just 16 months after opening.

Music on the Internet was selling before, but doing these labels, and they are limited with the tracks, the rights to which belonged to them. In addition, record companies at that time did not consider the Network seriously, considering it a hotbed of piracy where few people want to pay for intellectual property. Many this were true, then the Internet was dominated by Napster, Grokster, Gnutella and Kazaa. Hence, the approach to the case: legal shops were uncomfortable, had very simple directories and explicitly disregarded the possibilities to attract good buyers. Played on this Apple.

Музыкальный магазин iTunes Store
Music iTunes store

Interestingly, at the time, the labels prefer to sell online isn’t individual songs and subscription. But Steve jobs insisted that people attached to your favorite tracks and want to own them, not to take to hear. In addition, he was able to “push” the copyright holders to sell individual songs. And the company, and the musicians, of course, opposed to this. The first is because along with the hits on the albums you could put several “walk-through” of the songs. Second — because he considered the album a solid creative statements, the separate tracks which resonate. Nevertheless, all were enthusiastic about the interface of the iTunes Store and agreed to the terms of the jobs. And before the “shelves” of the shop there was a millionth track, users had to buy 100 million songs. Today, the iTunes Store offers over 37 million songs.

August 10, 2005 released mobile Opera Mini browser for feature phonesthat support Java ME. Initially the program was only available in Norway and only for the clients of the TV station TV 2, but by the end of the year came in all countries. Mozilla is very quickly gaining popularity due to its two features. First, she adapted the page under the tiny screens of mobile phones of the time, pulling them into one long column. And secondly, all the data the program passed through the servers of Opera where significantly squeezed them, throwing out all unnecessary — that will still fail to display. Savings reaches tens of percent and was just what we needed in the era of GPRS and EDGE to 3G standards still had to conquer the world. But with the rapid spread of mobile communications and the advent of smartphones, Mozilla has not gone down in history: now are version for all platforms, and in 2013, the program had 300 million active users.

Современная Opera Mini для Android
Modern Opera Mini for Android