The new MacBook Pro is slower than the old models due to overheating


Apple’s new MacBook Pro unveiled by Apple last week, was unable to operate to full capacity because of the insufficient quality of cooling. This was stated by the new David Lee (Dave Lee) in his video on the 15-inch model.

According to the observations of the source, the top configuration MacBook Pro with a powerful processor Intel Core i9 overheat and lose performance more than any other MacBook ever gets into the hands of the blogger.

The cooling system was simply not able to cope with heat dissipation Core i9. As a result, the frequency of the processor falls, and the laptop becomes slower model 2017 on the basis of the Core i7 processor. Processing same video in Adobe Premiere Pro laptops spent 39 and 35 minutes, respectively. However, after placing in the fridge processing time reduced to 27 minutes and surpassed the results of last year’s MacBook Pro with a weaker processor.