Elon Musk has refused to create a weapon with artificial intelligence


Leading developers of artificial intelligence systems has signed a pledge not to participate in the creation of lethal Autonomous weapons. The initiative was proposed by a non-profit organization Future of Life Institute. The oath was presented at the annual conference of IJCAI (International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence).

At the moment the obligation was signed by more than 160 companies and organizations in 36 countries, and connected with artificial intelligence, as well as 2.4 thousand individual developers from 90 countries. Among them — Google DeepMind, University College London, XPRIZE Foundation, ClearPath Robotics/OTTO Motors, the European Association EurAI, Swedish SAIS community, as well as such famous figures as Elon Musk (Elon Musk), computer game developer, Hassabis Demis (Demis Hassabis), UK member of Parliament Alex Sobel (Sobel Alex), and so on.

Commitment introduces the concept of LAWS (Lethal autonomous weapons systems), systems of lethal Autonomous weapons, which are able without human intervention in the process to identify and target people and then kill them. The problem lies in the fact that such systems self “make a decision” on the use of fire on defeat, without the involvement of people in deciding to live with someone or die.