Figure of the day: How many traitors count Facebook among Russians?


Figure of the day:

65 000

traitors count Facebook among Russians.

The algorithms of advertising tools on the net Facebook automatically said 65 thousand Russians as “concerned in treason.” This was reported by the Guardian.

The algorithms of the social network analyzes the data entered by the user in the network, making him a kind of feature for a future advertising promotion and ad targeting. They have already caused complaints and criticism from the public, revealing information about race, sexual orientation, political views and similar details.

Under pressure from journalists, the administration of Facebook removed this category. In theory, Facebook does not share information about users, but it can be obtained via promotional tools. For example, to run an ad for Russians, marked “interested in treason”, and then track the users who got it.

The representative of Facebook said that the category of “traitors” was introduced only because of the historical value. He said: “Because this is illegal activity, we removed it from the list of interests”.