Unmanned electric truck is able to carry 16 tons on the road


Einride Swedish company, known for the truck and the drone T-pod, has introduced a new Autonomous truck. It was the truck called the T-log.

New truck works fully electrically-powered and completely Autonomous. Because it needs no driver, the truck is devoid of the cab. Unlike Einride T-pod, it is designed for offroad and should be able to carry up to 16 tons of wood.

The basis of the Autonomous system is the platform Drive AI from NVIDIA, with access to information about roads in real time. On a single battery charge it can travel about 120 miles, which is about 193 km. If necessary, human intervention, the operator can control the truck remotely, even hundreds of miles away.

The company hopes to bring Einride T-log on public roads in the U.S. and Europe in 2020.