The most popular smartphone in Russia


Smartphone from the Chinese company for the first time surpassed the iPhone in popularity in Russia. About this informed the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the partner’s materials several electronics manufacturers.

In may 2018 the iPhone has lost first place on sales smartphone Honor 9 Lite from Huawei. According to the source, the smartphone from Apple lost the lead for the first time since August of 2017. We are talking about sales.

The share of Honor 9 Lite had 3.1% of sales. Interestingly, the second place was also taken not Apple and Samsung with the Galaxy J1 and a share of 2.9%. Third place belongs to iPhone SE from 2.8%. He was the sales leader from August 2017.

Sale Honor 9 Lite in may rose by 70%. “Vedomosti” noted that this was released in January, the model could be a leader before, but Huawei is simply not brought a sufficient amount of smartphones in Russia.