In Russia created the “peace pipe” for Putin and trump


Russian manufacturer of luxury smartphones Caviar, known for his extravagant versions of the iPhone, announced the release of a touch-tone phone, Nokia 3310 in the design of the Peacemakers (Peacemakers).

The release is timed to the meeting of presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald Tram, which will be held on 16 July in Helsinki. The first two copies will be sent to the leaders of both countries.

The design center Peacemakers was the gold miniature with portraits of the leaders of the two countries, they are depicted on the background of the globe with a wreath of olive branches and a dove of peace.

The device is made of titanium and coated with a material, further increasing its strength and heat resistance. In Caviar, it was called “Golden Titan”. It is a molten titanium deposited by PVD. The back of the phone complemented by panels of composite jade and decorated by elements covered with gold 999.

The phone is available for 162 thousand rubles.