Figure of the day: What is the probability of victory of the Russian team in the world Cup?


Figure of the day:


the probability of winning Russian team in the world Cup.

A group of researchers from the Technical University of Dortmund, the technical University of Munich and Ghent University conducted an interesting study in relation to the starting of the world Cup in Russia.

Researchers have created a simulation of a tournament based on artificial intelligence and drove it 100 thousand times. The machine learning system took into account many factors, such as the FIFA rankings, population and GDP, the bookmakers, how many national team players play in the same club, the average age of the players, winning the UEFA Champions League, and so on.

According to the results, Spain is the most likely winner of the championship, followed by Germany and Brazil. Russia occupies the 25th place of honor and the probability of winning is estimated at 0,1%, that is how many times the Russian team won the championship of the 100 thousand simulations. So there is a chance.