iPhone X survived after two weeks in the river


Miracles sometimes happen in real life. One such story was shared by a diver enthusiast Dallas, a leading channel Man River on Youtube. He found at the bottom of the iPhone X. the Smartphone has been in the water for two weeks without any special protection and managed to maintain performance.

First smartphone-the floater is not included and Dallas had to open it and to dry three days. After this procedure, the mobile money and run called the owner. As it turned out, she dropped her iPhone X while swimming and did not rely on the fact that he is there and will remain working. This smartphone was kept all the photos of her newborn baby which were not backed up.

iPhone X for protection against dust and water corresponds to the index of IP67 and can theoretically withstand a half-hour immersion in water to a depth of one meter. While Apple stresses that “damage caused by contact with liquid is not covered by warranty”. That is, despite the stated water resistance, breakage of the smartphone as a result of contact with water will have to be repaired, not under warranty, and for your money.