HTC Exodus – the first blockchain-based smartphone for a bright future


Last Tuesday, the Taiwanese company HTC introduced the first blockchain-a smartphone. At least so the company called it. HTC Exodus looks a little different from other smartphones of the company, and from all the other smartphones. To distinguish him will be a built-in security software and layer decentralized applications.

Android smartphone for those who value privacy. It will support applications using the technology of the blockchain. This will enable users worried about data privacy, use apps that are not associated with the cloud services of large companies.

In addition, the smartphone will also include an integrated wallet for cryptocurrency. Each Exodus will become a hub for bitcoin and Ethereum of the block chain and will expand the network, says HTC.

Project blockchain smartphone leads Phil Chen, who is known for creating directions HTC Vive. He left HTC in 2015 for the founding of a venture Fund, but returned as a decentralized member of the management Board of the company.

Chen told about the HTC Exodus on the Consensus conference in new York. He said the company’s goal is create a phone that will support the decentralized system. He hoped that the smartphones and decentralized systems can change our world just as it once changed his computers became available.

If you are interested in details like price and launch date, such information is not available. The company has a desire to give customers the opportunity to pay for a smartphone with a cryptocurrency, but there are no details.

HTC Exodus – the first blockchain-based smartphone for a bright future
Ernest Vasilevskiy