The Russian scientists propose to clean the water, “blasting” it


Every day on Earth is less natural reservoirs, in which water would be suitable for drinking without further purification. Moreover, the “exhaust” on the production of water also needs to be cleaned before disposal. Therefore, development of methods for filtering and removal of impurities – quite a promising development, and not so long ago scientists from the engineering school of energy Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) has proposed a fairly trivial method of water purification by explosive destruction drops.

The first research results already published in International Journal of Thermal Sciences, and the study was sponsored by a presidential grant for young scientists and doctors. As the press service of the TPU,

“The scientific staff of the laboratory of modeling of processes of heat and mass transfer Engineering school of energy TPU has proposed a new method for purifying industrial waste water and drinking water from harmful, including toxic and combustible gases by the explosive destruction of the drops. The proposed technology will provide clean water efficiently and relatively inexpensively.”

For water purification it is converted into emulsion by adding water-insoluble liquids, as well as in suspension, adding the crushed solids. Emulsions and suspensions injected into a heating chamber where there is a sharp heat to 300-500 degrees. The pressure difference causes the explosive destruction of phase boundaries, and the process proceeds in the form of chain reactions. Due to the fast separation of substrate impurities and clean water. According to project leader Pavel Strizhak

“When heated the water evaporates, and non-combustible impurities precipitate. In this flammable – burn. Water vapor condenseries, and we get purified water. We managed to implement sustained explosive fragmentation of droplets for the group heterogeneous in composition and structure of liquids”.

The Russian scientists propose to clean the water, “blasting” it
Vladimir Kuznetsov