Announced the participants for the new experiment simulating a flight to Mars


Repeatedly on the Ground was carried out different simulations to stay in flight to other planets. One of the most ambitious was a simulation experiment, simulating the flight conditions to Mars in the US, about which we wrote on pages of our site. And recently, the press service of the University of Hawaii in conjunction with the American aerospace Agency NASA announced that selected candidates for a new experiment like that.

The new team included two men, the first of which is a native of the Republic of Korea and works as a lecturer in Economics at the University of Texas, and the second from Scotland, working as an astrophysicist. They will be two women nationals of Australia and Slovakia, science educator and astrobiologist. As it became known, participated in the experiment claimed by some citizens of the Russian Federation, but, as told in an interview with TASS, one of the program Directors, Professor, University of Hawaii, specialist in the development of artificial intelligence Kim Binsted,

“I, alas, can not disclose details of the selection process. I can only say that we were happy to see several of the Russians in the number of highly qualified applicants to participate in a new experiment.”

It is planned that on February 15 participants will be included in a specially equipped complex on the slopes of a dormant volcano of Mauna Loa, the neighborhood is reminiscent of a Martian landscape. In this complex people will spend in complete isolation from the outside world for 8 months. Experts from NASA and the University of Hawaii believe that insulation such experiments will help to prepare the first manned flight to Mars planned for 2030 years. In experiment 4 implement a fairly complex program of scientific researches, being under constant surveillance. Scientists will monitor their charges with the aid of cameras installed inside the complex and through various sensors attached to the bodies of people. Through such experiments it will be possible to identify some medical and psychological problems experienced by the crew of the ship departing to the red planet.

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Announced the participants for the new experiment simulating a flight to Mars
Vladimir Kuznetsov