Scientists first managed to re-create lung tissue


Stem cell therapy is increasingly used in medical practice. For example, a group of Chinese researchers from Tongji University not too long ago just found a new use of a known technology, but also made a small breakthrough in medicine: the first time they were able to restore damaged pulmonary tissue, which, as you know, has a very poor ability to regenerate.

As writes the edition EurekAlert, even in 2015, Professor Wei Zuo and his colleagues were isolated from the lung tissue of mice stem cells p63+/Krt5+, which, as it turned out, had extremely high potential to regenerate and repair tissue and structural elements of the lungs. In the course of further experiments, the scientists found that the cells marked with a marker SOX9+, able to act as stem cells not only in rodents but also in humans. To confirm this hypothesis, the scientists transplanted human stem cells with a marker SOX9+ damaged lungs in mice infected with immunodeficiency virus. 3 weeks after transplantation of cells at the site of damage formed new lung tissue. Thus it is possible to assume that transplanting own stem cells people also give a similar effect. Histological analysis of the cellular tissue of rodents showed that around tissues of the rodent has a new cellular structures from human stem cells. In addition, the newly formed tissue was permeated with new vessels that nourished the body and perfectly fulfill its function. Analysis of arterial blood of mice showed that the gas exchange function of the lungs they are largely recovered.

Well and further the most interesting begins: at the end of 2016-two volunteers suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with significant tissue damage and deterioration of respiratory system, transplanted adult stem cells, lung marker SOX9+. The regeneration process took 3 months, during which there has been no side effects. Then throughout the year for patients observed and performed all the necessary tests. At the end of 2017 was held on follow-up examination. The participants of the experiment reported improvement – gone cough and shortness of breath, and CT showed a significant restoration of the structure of the bronchi and lung tissue. To discuss these and other news of high technologies in our telegram chat.

Scientists first managed to re-create lung tissue
Vladimir Kuznetsov