Developed unmanned military vehicle


Unmanned vehicles have long been tested and even go on a real road. Moreover, every day there is less doubt that in the future freight and passenger transportation will be carried out namely self-driving cars. Could not pass by this opportunity and the military. For example, not long ago, the American company Polaris introduced the first military unmanned Rover.

He was named MRZR X and is equipped with a system of Autonomous driving, but may at any time be controlled by the driver, and it also has a number of interesting features. As the newspaper writes New Atlas, MRZR X is designed to move infantry around the battlefield and can provide additional fire support to the fighters. All-terrain vehicle capable not only to transport people and goods, but also to act as a platform for mounting weapons.

MRZR X turned out quite compact: it can be loaded in a cargo helicopter and deliver to almost any point of the operation. The “brain” of the unmanned vehicle is Autonomous Modular Robotic Applique Kit (M-RAK). It combines cameras, sensors, lidars and other devices into a single system. M-RAK supports several modes of operation: fully Autonomous driving, follow ahead of going transport, the assistant mode, when the robotic system adjusts the movement and the control mode of the vehicle in the distance.

The representatives of Polaris state that a new military all-terrain vehicle MRZR X is a universal and very flexible vehicle. Depending on the goals and tasks of the Rover can be easily removed unneeded at the moment part of the structure or to install the new parts. To discuss this and other news, you can in our telegram chat.

Developed unmanned military vehicle
Vladimir Kuznetsov