Opened a way to “disable” the resistance of cancer cells to anticancer drugs


One of the main problems in the treatment of cancer is not only a very rapid proliferation of tumors but also their ability to develop resistance to different chemotherapy. This leads to the fact that the treated tumors may come back again and even sometimes do not respond to the drug. But a group of scientists from the University of Maryland (USA) found a way to “switch off” mechanisms of resistance of cells, thereby not allowing them to change and develop resistance, making them excellent targets for all chemotherapy drugs.

Of scientific discovery according to the publication Science Daily. As stated by the authors, the primary mechanism of action of the new method is exposed to specific proteins, a group which was called efflux pumps. They are present in all cells of the human body. Only here in the healthy cells they are “pumped” out the toxins and poisonous substances, while in cancer cells, these structures disappeared chemotherapeutic agents.

To operate the above-described cellular structures require energy, violating flow which can “turn off” mechanism for pumping toxins and significantly reduce resistance to treatment. Exactly what did experts at the University of Maryland: they were able to affect the mitochondria — the cell structures responsible for energy metabolism. On the mitochondria of cancer cells exposed to special nanoparticles and infrared laser. This caused a chemical reaction, which is several times reduced energy production in mitochondria. Because of this efflux pumps just didn’t have the right nutrition and are unable to work properly. At the moment, scientists continue to study the developed method, but now it allows you not only to cope with resistant tumors, but also enables to reduce the required amount of drug.

Opened a way to “disable” the resistance of cancer cells to anticancer drugs
Vladimir Kuznetsov