Hackers have infected miner public sites US and UK


Follow websites with high traffic and YouTube attacks “black miners” were the sites of state bodies of the USA and the UK. Expert on cyber security Scott Helme reports that at this point in a hidden mining cryptocurrency involved thousands of government websites.

About the problem Helme said on Twitter, posting a few posts dedicated to the sites where it was possible to identify the scripts that are installed by attackers. The list includes the websites of the Pension Fund, the National homeowners Association, the student loan company website the US judicial system, official government site of the state of Indiana and many others.

Almost all sites found in the hidden mining of cryptocurrencies, the software is installed CoinHive that hackers were able to implement using the vulnerability expansion BrowseAloud, which allows you to use the sites people with bad eyesight. First, the expansion broke, and then implemented through the emerging “hole” scripts for mining.

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Hackers have infected miner public sites US and UK
Vyacheslav Larionov