Robomat — unmanned mobile shop on wheels


Unmanned vans is no surprise: dozens of startups and major automakers already testing their offspring in the USA and Europe. Some unmanned buses run without passengers on a specially prepared routes in preparation for a full test, including those that already carry passengers from home to the nearest store at low speed. Startup Robomat decided to go the other way, guided by the principle “If a passenger does not go to the store, then store will come to the passenger himself!”.

The developers of the Robomat has introduced unmanned electrofuge, which is a small automated kiosk on wheels. The use of these vans will allow the chain stores to save on opening new stationary points, just carrying the Essentials in the right areas — I think the creators of robomachine. The developers are confident that their project will be able in the future to cope with the delivery of products is not worse than other services, such for example, as Amazon, and in some cases will be the head to beat the competition.

“The concept of the store on wheels is much clearer to the buyer” — says the founder of a startup Ali Ahmed.

Indeed, for robomobile on wheels already has a ready infrastructure, you only need to teach it well to ride on the roads. In the end, the good old ice cream vans are still popular. To focus on the road robocock will be using lidar, radar and computer vision systems that allows you to see at different distances. On the fifth level of autonomy for their offspring, the developers are going to withdraw in 2018.

Purchase through a robotic store, you can make nice and easy: the client simply pick up your goods, and the amount itself will be deducted from his credit card, “attached” to the corresponding app on your smartphone. Price, date of packaging and information on the composition of the client will be able to read on display. For freshness you not to worry — cooling system will do everything herself.

To the van there are still a few issues. For example, how much will cost buy or lease? And another thing: what about the vandals? On these issues the developers have not yet answered.

Robomat — unmanned mobile shop on wheels
Vyacheslav Larionov