French designers have developed a airplane bird


As you know, aircraft use wing design, “borrowed” from the birds. However, there is a “live” wing one advantage, which allows better control of the flight: wing are able to deform. But soon the aircraft can acquire such a useful function, because the engineers from France, introduced the aircraft wing that can change its shape.

As reported, French researchers from the Toulouse Institute plans to manufacture the trailing edge of the wing feather of birds of prey. A new model of an airplane wing, in addition to the interesting forms will give the opportunity to make flights more economical. The fact that the new wing is designed with a stationary aerodynamic plane will contain a set of sliding elements. They will be driven by means of electric, hydraulic and mechanical parts.

The movable elements in simultaneous opposite deviation will allow you to control roll of the aircraft that will save fuel and improve control of the aircraft. It is worth noting that similar solutions were developed previously, however for their embodiment in life at that time did not exist the necessary technologies. Scientists from the Toulouse Institute want to apply in the pursuit of his ideas the material with shape memory, which in theory will reduce aerodynamic drag.

French designers have developed a airplane bird
Vladimir Kuznetsov