BREATH (BRH) mining as art


Max Dowie — British artist-actionist, telling in his work on technology and digital culture through a variety of installations. At a recent exhibition held in the framework of the festival the Neon Digital Art Festival, the artist presented his new project Breath (BRH), the center of which was a man in an oxygen mask connected to the spirometer and the microcomputer, Minami cryptocurrency with his breath.

The spirometer reads the volumes of inhaled and exhaled human air, and then hashes the data in the blockchain. Accordingly, the more lung capacity a person has, the more he will be mine in the respiration process. The number of mined currency is affected and respiration rate, so if the user began to breathe, the speed of mining is also increasing. Now this art spirometer for mining is able to produce only one cryptocurrency Monero, and that manages to not as much as I would like for the duration of the exhibition all participants of the installation are jointly mined about 0.03 British pound sterling (0.000226495645 XMR, 0.00000378 BTC).

Art project Breath (BRH) tells the story, in which the body is biological system for the production of capital, and the breath became a universal currency, bringing together markets and transformed the human into a new species Homo Economicus.

The work of the British actionist is not the first attempt mined cryptocurrencies with your own body. Recently, the Danish engineers have created a suit for mining that turns body heat into energy, which the suit go into action, getting cryptocurrency.

BREATH (BRH) mining as art
Vyacheslav Larionov