The company Realfiction will take augmented reality to a 64-inch screens


We are accustomed to the fact that under augmented reality refers to video games like Pokemon Go or devices like HoloLens from Microsoft. Today AR found almost at every step, and the hype around it is somewhat polega, despite the fact that companies like Apple make every effort to make this technology popular again. The company Realfiction decided to approach the issue from a somewhat different angle. Its engineers have developed a 64-inch screens that can change our view of augmented reality.

The screen has received the name Deepframe (the”deep frame” — eng.), which quite accurately describes what he’s capable of. But he is capable on what makes augmented reality outside the cramped screen of a smartphone or lenses of smart glasses, making it visible to many people simultaneously. On a transparent glass reflects a picture with a 65-inch OLED-display with a resolution of 4K. This creates the illusion that in front of you in the room stands a human figure or, for example, a living dinosaur. Given that behind the object you see the interior of the room in which you are feeling (according to those who tried Deepframe myself) are formed is very interesting.

Inside Deepframe no electronic filling. You can replace the stock 4K-8K display, thereby improving the quality of the final image. The scope of such technologies is quite broad, but given the high cost (roughly $ 50,000), to afford myself the pleasure can is that the owners of shopping malls, museums, exhibition halls and other entertainment venues to attract the attention of their customers. One day we saw something similar in the movie “the time Machine” (2002), filmed on the novel by Hg wells — there on some of the screens appeared a virtual consultant, who spoke with the visitors to the Museum archive.

The company Realfiction will take augmented reality to a 64-inch screens
Sergey Grey