Scientists have created a “real artificial” muscle tissue


The creation of artificial organs and tissues cultivated by mankind for good enough. However, they have one significant disadvantage – they are alien and rejected by our body. Therefore, the creation of tissues that are not to be attacked by our own immune system, is one of the priority tasks, and recently, American scientists from Duke University, was developed in the laboratory of muscle tissue using stem cells derived from human skin cells.

As writes edition of the journal Nature, artificially recreated the muscle tissue respond to external stimuli (chemical and electrical) in exactly the same way as usual. Moreover, during a series of experiments scientists were able to successfully transplant artificial fabric mice. According to the researchers,

“It took years of trial and error, educated guesses, and tiny steps, but in the end, we have created a functioning human muscle tissue from pluripotent stem cells”.

The new technology, according to scientists, will improve the methods of treatment of a rare muscular disease. Although similar experiments have been carried out earlier, they can say, did “the muscle tissue, their muscle tissue”. Now to create muscle you can use any other tissue in the human body.

“The new method allows us to take a small sample of non-muscle tissues, such as skin cells or blood, to bring them to a pluripotent state and then to raise an unlimited amount of working muscle. Thus, the new technology allows not to use damaged tissues, if the patient already suffers from any muscle disease.”

Based on the TASS

Scientists have created a “real artificial” muscle tissue
Vladimir Kuznetsov