Physicist Bit: Quantum computers will kill Bitcoin


Many experts believe that with the advent of full-fledged quantum computers era of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain will come to its logical end — system of cryptography, which is based cryptocurrency will be instantly hacked and the cryptocurrency worthless, because the first thing that will make the owner of a quantum computer — nameunit the remaining Bitcoins, Esters and other popular coins. So Alex thinks a Bit, canadian physicist, predicted a bleak future of cryptocurrency in the quantum era.

The physicist is skeptical about the security of the blockchain and no illusions about Bitcoins — he regards them only as an indicator of readiness of a full-fledged quantum computer.

“Once it is established, we will know about it — the cryptocurrency market will collapse, and the remaining coins will go to the owner of a quantum computer. Until that happens, you can be sure that the quantum computer does not exist” — says a Bit.

Alex Bit confident that his creation is the very near future. Yes, most modern supercomputer operates at capacity in 51 the qubit, but a few years ago was not this — then the computers were not given, and ten, and now when the development has included IBM, Microsoft, Google and others, the increase in capacity of supercomputers will go by leaps and bounds.

Experts estimate that hacking Bitcoin will need a supercomputer with a capacity of 10 thousand cubits. So the wait is not too long. Maybe in ten years or less. However, not everyone shares the opinion of canadian physics. Cryptocurrency experts believe that by the time developers will be able to prepare and adapt the blockchain to the new realities by modifying the code and protecting your technology from breaking.

Physicist Bit: Quantum computers will kill Bitcoin
Vyacheslav Larionov