Asus has designed the lenses to mask the space between the monitors


The image output from the video games to multiple monitors (most often three) has become commonplace for many modern gamers. But the frame around the displays create the best gap pictures, disturbing and distracting from the gameplay. Eyes and then stumble over these intervals, a few blurs pleasant experience. And Asus understand that this phenomenon must somehow be fought. That is why the company’s engineers have developed a special lens that is able to mask the space between the monitors and their scope.

The lens itself is not released by Asus, and its division, specializing in the creation of various gaming devices – Republic of Gamers. Set of two unusual devices called Bezel-free Kit and consists of two overhead vertical lens with holders, which are placed between the three monitors placed adjacent to each other. Lenses refract light in such a way to make frame monitors invisible to the user, thereby merging the image with the three screens into one single picture.

It should be borne in mind that the angle between the monitors should be 130 degrees – such a requirement is necessary for the proper refraction of light. No additional software lenses do not require and work out of the box: just got hooked to the monitors and enjoy the new frameless life. Asus claims that the lens is compatible not only with its own monitors, but the monitors of most modern manufacturers. Were not disclosed the cost of the devices as well as the date of their appearance in the sale, but the manufacturer says that it will happen during 2018.

Asus has designed the lenses to mask the space between the monitors
Sergey Grey